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A Comparison of Europa Door Lock and Godrej Ultra Tribolt Door Lock

Godrej Tribolt with Auto Latch

Europa Door Lock

A comparison of 2 similar and popular main door locks to put into perspective their convenience of use, safety and to help choose the better lock.

Locking Bolts
The Godrej Tribolt lock has 2 square locking bolts and 1 tower bolt. The locking bolts and tower bolt can be locked from within your home, but form outside, only the locking bolts can locked and the tower bolt cannot be locked. Leading to reduced safety.

Europa Door lock has 3 round locking bolts which are lockable from within you home and also from outside. Giving you the highest security at all times.

The Europa Door Lock is more secure.

Both locks have 4 dimple keys. The Europa Lock has a key with a torch for use in low light.

The Europa door lock has a strong thick Receptacle and a flange with four screws.The Godrej Tribolt has a strong thick Receptacle and a flange with five screws.

The Godrej Receptacle is slightly stronger.

Knob Lock
The Europa Door Lock has a unique Lockable Knob, which allows operation of the lock without a key from inside the house. The key is only needed to lock or unlock the knob and not the lock itself.
The Godrej Tribolt has a single stroke, making it difficult for aged or young people to operate.

The Europa Door Lock has a double smooth stroke, making it easy to operate.

The Europa lock is smoother to operate.

Auto Latch, Dead Lock
The Godrej Auto Latch Tribolt has no Dead Lock which can be used to disable the lock in case of loss of keys. No Dead Lock also means that there is no reliable mechanism to temporarily disable the auto latch feature. It instead has a ring on the latch handle which can be used to disable the auto latch.

The Europa Auto Latch Door Lock has a Dead Lock feature which can be used to disable the lock when ever the need is felt. It can also be used to temporarily disable the auto latch.

The Europa lock with its additional dead lock feature is more secure and convenient.

The Godrej Tribolt has no single point of use, as the knobs for the dead bolts, tower bolt and auto latch are all separate. To unlock, the user has to operate 3 different knobs.

The Europa Door Lock has a smartly designed knob which is a single point of operation for the lock.

The Europa Lock is much easier to use than the Godrej Tribolt.

Comparing the prices for both the locks, the Europa lock is at a more reasonable price point than the Godrej lock.

Free Installation
Both companies offer free installation by professional carpenters for wooden doors and door frames.

The Europa Door Lock's uncompromising safety, economy and convenience of use definitely outweigh the features of the Godrej Tribolt.

The Europa Door lock is the smart and secure choice for your Main Entrance Door.

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