Sunday, 22 February 2015

Laser Measures - Electronically measure distances and areas

When it comes to distance and area measurement, accuracy is always of top priority for architects, designers, engineers and contractors. Laser measures are a sure fire way to ensure accuracy.

Laser measures also have the following advantages:
. No need to use different measurement tapes for different applications.
. Eliminates ambiguity in fraction measurements.
. No help required to measure ceiling heights and large distances.
. Most laser measures have a memory function,  which can be handy.
. Some models have a built in area and volume function as well.
. Some models also have extensions to measure distances from corners.

More advanced models
. have the ability to store and transfer measures to a computer.
. have a built-in angle measure which can be used as a part of a spirit level and can also be used to measure large buildings using angles.

Bosch Laser Measures

Bosch Laser Measure DLE 40

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Saturday, 14 February 2015

Wall Putty

Wall Putties are used to level uneven surfaces that are meant to be painted. Depending on the composition of the wall putty, it can be used to cover small undulations and/or large dents in plastered and other surfaces.
Certain varieties of Wall Putties can also help water proof cement plastered walls.

Wall Putty application is the single largest skill a painter requires. Wall putty application takes up the maximum time and resources on any new painting project. They are the largest purchase item Volume-wise on the shopping list of a new painting site.
In the Indian market, the 2 most popular types of putty are 1. White cement based Wall Putty 2. Acrylic Wall Putty.

1. White Cement Based Polymer modified Wall Putty.
White cement is used as the filler and body while acrylic modifiers are used as bonding agents and plasticizers. These putties are supplied in powder form and require addition of water to form a paste before application. They can be applied directly to interior and exterior cement surfaces and do not need any prior priming. White Cement based Coarse putties can be used instead of lime rendering to level rough cement plaster. Good water resistance is observed in walls finished with these putties. Priming is a must after application of the putty. They however cannot be used to touch up patches as they require priming after application.

2. Acrylic Wall Putty.
Acrylic Putties are polymer based putties which are supplied in a paste form. The quality of the putty largely depends on the proportion of acrylic binder and filler. These putties are used as a final finish coat to level slight surface imperfections on interior walls. They are also ideal for touch up jobs as there is no observable patch after painting. Priming is a must before and highly recommended after application of the putty.

Acrylic putties which are formulated as a mix of primer and putty are quickly gaining popularity as priming is not required before or after the application of the putty.

Putties which use chalk powder as a filler are fading in popularity with the advantages of acrylic and white cement based putties.

Certain putties are marketed as spray plasters and can be sprayed using airless spray machines. These are economical only in large projects, as the cost of machinery and the need for masking make them prohibitive for small projects.

A common practice of applying white cement based putties initially and acrylic putties for finish is followed. The combination of the 2 putties can give you both economy and finish at the same time.

Ofcourse, the final finish of the wall depends largely on the evenness of the wall putty applied and hence on the skill of the applicator.

Putties provide a strong and aesthetically pleasing base for your expensive paints. Choose wisely before you apply!

Wall putties available at our store,

1. Asian Wall Putty - White cement based smooth putty.

2. Asian Filling Putty - White cement based coarse putty.

3. Asian Acrylic Wall Putty

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6. Sika Wall Decor - White cement based smooth putty.