Friday, 5 August 2016

How to get that Ultimate, Professional Super Glossy Finish for your Car

Ever wonder how The Fast and The Furious are always riding in beautiful, shiny cars, with that bright bling and showroom car finish?

How do they get that ride to be so damn Glossy!!!!! 

How is that black so Black and that metallic so deep???!!

Well, wonder no more, cause here is a step by step guide to that ultimate race car finish. Get that eye-popping gloss and deep colour by following the guide to the Ultimate Professional Super Glossy Finish for your car.

Be prepared for blood, sweat and elbow grease!

Before we flag off, lets look at why you need to put in those hours on your ride.

When the car leaves the showroom for the very first time and is the pride of your life, you see your dreams reflecting off the hood and into the orbit of your fantasies. Scenes of clouds drifting off the car, over the windscreen and over your head give you that high of flying in the open skies.

Those dream slowly loose their sheen as the clear coat of your car begins to loose its gloss.

The rigors of life begin to take a toll on your car. The mud and dust, hail storms and sunny parking lots, that unruly biker, all give your car's paint a really tough time. You take pity on the poor thing and one Sunday, decide to give it a much deserved bath. You use that shampoo that gives you super soft hair and massage it on to the hood as you would on your head. A generous splash of water and a towel down with a cotton/ semi cotton (or who knows what material) cloth in circular motion will get it dry.

The shampoo just killed its sheen and the cloth just made more swirl marks on the paint. Your showroom finish is long gone.

But... is there no anti-ageing Serum you ask???

We have just the prescription for you.

First off, give your car a nice pressure wash using water. No commercial detergents. Make sure all the mud and grime are washed off. Next, wipe your car using a clean, washed, 100% cotton cloth or a chamnois cloth. Wait for it to completely dry. Now, park the car in shade and wait for it to cool off. Make sure there is plenty of ventilation.

Personal safety first. Wear gloves and a mask before the next steps.

Here is the opportunity to introduce you to the trade secrets of the professional car finishers. That dead clear coat can be brought to life by rubbing, buffing and polishing it. How? you ask... The answer is, using specialty rubbing compounds and finishing waxes.

Rubbing compounds and waxes are available in a number of brands and avatars. After a lot of Indian market research, I have found that the ultimate rubbing compound is Meguiar's Diamond Cut 2.0 and the best wax out there is Meguiar's Hi-Tech Yellow Wax.

How do we use them?

On the cool car surface, apply the rubbing compound (Meguiar's Diamond Cut 2.0 is a liquid) with a microfibre cloth. Using a polisher and a wool pad, buff the surface. The speed setting on the polisher must be medium. Work one area at a time. If you do not have access to a polisher, buffing can be done using the microfiber cloth itself. After the buffing is complete, using the used area of the microfiber cloth, wipe off the dust caused by buffing. You will now have lesser swirl marks on the clear coat than before and an enhanced gloss will have developed.

How to maintain this gloss? The gloss thus developed can be protected using a wax polish.

Meguiar's Hi-Tech Yellow Wax is a Carnauba Wax mixed with other high grade ingredients. It adds richness and depth of colour and provides ultimate high gloss protection to any cleaned and polished paint surface. Shake the bottle well. Apply the wax one section at a time. If you are applying the wax by hand, use a 100% cotton terry cloth or sponge applicator. Use light pressure. Spread the wax evenly over the surface using overlapping strokes to ensure complete coverage. Allow the wax to dry to a haze. Now, wipe off excess with a soft cleaning cloth. Turn to clean side of the cloth for a final wipe.

Your car will now be the envy of your neighbors!

After Care 
  • Never use commercial detergents and shampoos on your car. 
  • Do not use pressure while wiping the car.
  • Always use a soft microfiber or cotton cloth for wiping the car.
  • Regular re-waxing will maintain the gloss for a long time.
  • Your car will again be your pride and joy!