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Sealants find a variety of uses in new constructions and renovations. Sealants are available for a variety of different substrates all having a common purpose of sealing. They can also be used for bonding and gap filling. Depending on the elasticity of the sealant, it can be used in expansion and construction joints.

Wacker, a leading name in the world of silicone products, produces a number of sealants for the construction industry :

General Purpose (GP) Silicone Sealants
All Purpose | Gap-filling | Glazing | Plumbing | Electric

GP Sealants are used for substrates such as glass, wood, stainless steel etc. Can be used in a variety of applications for sealing and gap-filling. Can be used to bond glass to wood. GP Sealants are acetoxy cured and are corrosive to metals.
Available in Clear, White, Black, Grey and many other shades.

WeatherSeal Neutral (WN) Sealant
Interior | Exterior | Weatherseal | Connecting Joints | Windows & Doors

Designed specially for sealing External and Internal Connection and Expansion Joints. Can be used on alkaline substrates like concrete and mortar. It is Neutral in pH and non corrosive to metals. Excellent for sealing
. Skylights.
. Gaps between window/door frames and walls.
. Gaps between roofing sheets and walls.
Available in Clear, Grey, White and Black shades.

Paintable Sealants (PS)
Cracks in Walls | Gaps in bathrooms

Designed to fill gaps and cracks and can be easily painted over. It is an acrylic based hybrid sealant and is mainly used in decorative applications.
Available in White.

Sealants are available in standard cartridges which can be loaded into dispensers and easily used, avoiding the need for messy application by hand or putty knife. 

. Clean the gap to be filled or sealed thoroughly with a wire brush/scrub pad or appropriate solvents to ensure it is free from oil, grease and dirt.
. Cut the seal on the sealant cartridge.
. Cut the nozzle provided with the sealant to get the appropriate thickness of the sealant bead/flow.
. Load the cartridge into the sealant dispenser.
. Dispense the sealant in a continuous bead. In case of the bead breaking, a small overlap must be made.
. Wearing appropriate gloves, press the sealant with your finger into the gap.

Viola... we have sealed joints and filled gaps!!

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Anti Microbial Polyurethane Wall Coatings

Are you looking for an anti-microbial hygiene coat for your walls? Not satisfied with the performance of your regular acrylic paints? Are you looking for the next level in paint technology?

Polyurethane wall/cement paints are the answer for your interior and exterior wall paint needs.

 These paints have the following unmatchable Properties:

An Operation Theater painted with PU.

. High Sheen Level.
. Anti fungal and Anti Microbial - can be used as a hygiene coat.
. High Washability - Repeated cycles of washing can be performed.
. Forms a water proof barrier.
. Dry Film Thickness of 100micron, almost double that of regular acrylic paints.
. Excellent Crack bridging ability on cement plaster.
. Non Yellowing - shows minimal sulphur dioxide degradation.
. Anti-Carbonation - Protects the cement substrate and steel re-bars in RCC from smoke and chemicals.
. Can be applied on highly porous surfaces to reduce surface porosity and fluid absorption.
. Exterior grade PU has high UV Resistance - shows no degradation in sunlight.

Areas of Application:

. Interior walls of homes, apartments and offices.
. Hospitals and Operation theaters.
. Chemical Laboratories and Industries.
. Diagnostic laboratories.
. Exterior grades can be used as floor coatings.
. Exterior grades can be used for external wall painting and waterproofing.
. Exterior grades can be used as a waterproof barrier for terrace waterproofing.


Products available at our store

. MRF New Wall Coat (2 pack Solvent Based, Exterior Grade) 
. For Interior and Exterior walls.
. Thinner - GP Thinner. (10%-30% thinning)
. Primer - MRF Penetration Primer (Clear/Transparent).
                (10% thinning using GP Thinner)
. Coverage of 60sqft per litre per coat.
. Primer covers 60sqft per litre per coat.

. MRF Aquafresh (Water Based, Interior Grade)
For Interior walls.
Thinner - Potable water. (30%-50% thinning)
Primer - MRF Aquafresh Primer (Opaque White). 
             (30% Thinning with potable water)
Coverage of 140sqft per litre per coat.
Primer covers 120sqft per litre per coat.



Procedure of Application

. Make sure the cement plastered wall is free from dirt and grease and any loose particles. Use methods such as sanding or wire brushing to achieve this.
. Using a roller or brush, apply a coat of primer with required thinning. Allow to dry for 4-5 hours for water based products and 6-8 hours for solvent based products.
. Using leveling materials such as acrylic putty, bring the surface to a smooth finish.
. Apply a second coat of primer with required thinning. Allow to dry.
. Apply the first coat of PU top coat using a roller or brush with required thinning. For 2 pack systems, mix the base and hardner which are supplied in pre-measured packs and apply within the specified pot-life (usually 1-2 hours). Only material required for 1 coat must be mixed at a time.
. Allow to dry for 4-5 hours for water based products and 6-8 hours for solvent based products.
. Apply second and final coat of PU top coat.

We have bacteria free and beautiful walls.

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Comparison of Europa Diamant Padlock and Godrej Navtal 7L Padlock

Looking to buy a padlock? A Comparison of 2 popular padlocks can put you on the right track.

Europa Diamant Brass Padlock V/S Godrej Navtal 7L Brass Padlock.

. Europa Diamant Brass Padlock MRP Rs.735.00                                                                       
. Godrej Navtal 7L Brass Padlock MRP Rs.550.00

. Both locks are similarly priced.

. Europa Diamant Padlocks are packaged in an attractive blister pack. Godrej locks are packaged in a neat carton.

. Europa Diamant Padlock locks on both sides of the shackle, giving additional safety. Godrej Navtal padlock locks only on a single side of the shackle.

. The Shackles on both the padlocks are hardened and hacksaw resistant.

. Both locks have clinched brass bodies without any rivets.

. Europa Diamant Padlock uses pin cylinder technology and has 4 dimple keys which cannot be duplicated easily, giving it robust safety. Godrej Navtal uses traditional lever technology and has 3 toothed keys which can be very easily duplicated, compromising the safety of the lock.

. The Europa Padlock has a rating of 2 tons on the breaking point of the shackle. For Godrej Navtal the rating is unspecified.

. The Europa padlock has a Warranty of 15years. The Godrej padlock has only a 1year Warranty.

. The Europa padlock has a key registration facility which can be used to order duplicate keys from the company. The Godrej padlock has no such facility.

With the Europa Padlock's features far outweighing those of the Godrej Padlock, the Europa Padlock is a smart buy at a nominal premium.

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