Sunday, 25 February 2018

Plug Active Ground Water Leaks

A common problem when excavating for a foundation, basement or  under ground water tank is ground water seeping or gushing into the dug out area. The water can flood the complete excavation and not allow any masonry or concrete to be laid. Many times, even after pumping out the water, it keeps flooding. The only way to get any construction activity done, is to plug the leakage of ground water.
To do this we need a fast setting cement mix that does not crack on setting. A variety of products for this purpose are available, each having the goal of instantly plugging any leakage. The settings times can vary from a minute to 20 minutes. Choosing a mix with the right balance of setting time and compressive strength is the key to successfully plugging the ground water leak.

How to use a plugging cement mix?
Once the problem spots are identified, press the plugging cement into the seeping water with light pressure. Apply as much of the plug cement required to plug the leak.
Plug all leaks until ground water stops seeping into the excavation.
After the plug cement is fully set, apply a bond slurry, created using a a latex based product, over the entire surface of the plug cement.
While the bond slurry is still wet, pour the concrete or apply the masonry.

Areas of application
This method can be used to plug leaks while excavating for a foundation, excavations for basements and under ground water tanks. 


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